Trisha Santarius (Holmes)

Photography: Amy Nguyen Photos

I’m a graphic designer, communicator, explorer, creator, team player, leader, listener, learner, visualizer and adaptor. But most of all?

I’m a bubbly Strawberry Blonde with a work ethic driven by design ideals.

In other words, I throw myself wholeheartedly into everything I do because I have a passion to share ideas aesthetically with people. I get a kick out of effectively and creatively communicating with a viewer, because whether it’s a quirky little gimmick or a strong classic statement, design thinking can be powerful.

My style is made up of strong, bold imagery paired with precise yet expressive typography. I’m an extreme organizer and pay close attention to details, and to the client. Because I’m also flexible, I can take on multiple projects at once, all the while staying committed to deadlines. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around in a group or cranking things out independently, I’m continuously growing as a professional graphic designer. 

When I’m not designing, I live for my family, friends, and trying new things. I’m obsessed with coffee, movies, music, playing piano, cookie dough, traveling, to-do lists, singing in my car, and just taking a minute to stop and enjoy the beauty in life.